Theta and Mediation – Debbie Talalay

Is there a place for holistic healing within the Mediation journey?

Many people will access Counselling and also Coaching when dealing with a divorce, and this can provide invaluable support for couples using dispute resolution such as Mediation, to navigate their divorce in more peaceful and less stressful ways.

But what about healing modalities such as Theta Healing?  Although such a methodology is currently not even known about by many Mediators, Theta Healing has gained increasing interest during recent years.  One of the most established Theta Healers in the UK is Debbie Talalay, who has a long history of working as a Homeopath and NLP practitioner.  Debbie has found Theta Healing to be an extremely quick and powerful short-cut to getting profound results, without the person receiving the healing having to remember or re-live any trauma.  

But what about couples who are just beginning the divorce process?

Debbie believes that healing modalities like Theta can add immense value to coaching, by speeding up painlessly the necessary shifts in consciousness that people need to make in order to begin to focus positively on the future.

“If in just one session you could identify a core limiting belief that is resulting in you getting angry over your Ex’s remarks and preventing a Mediation from moving forwards, without you having to even know what that limiting belief is consciously, that alone could change the whole course of the divorce. The positive impact on your co-parenting moving forwards would be phenomenal.  Coaching can help you become aware of behaviours that are not working for you and how to create a more powerful vision for your future, but Theta can speed up your transition to actually achieving those goals.”

Mediators are often faced with couples who struggle to deal with the emotional aspects of the divorce and this can negatively affect the outcomes of the mediation and the divorce process as a whole.  The core reason behind their behaviour can be rooted in childhood and relationship events that happened many years before, and have nothing directly to do with the spouse they are separating from.  But they then tend to direct the effects of that past wounding – without realising it of course – onto their spouse, and their reactions to events and even words can become hostile and seemingly irrational.  Only by addressing those core wounds can these couples have a better chance of accessing Mediation successfully, and so reduce the number of couples who end up in court fighting over money or the children.
Theta Healing is a highly versatile and non-invasive form of energy healing.  The outcome is a very fast ‘reprogramming’ of the subconscious mind to ‘re-wire’ limiting beliefs and emotional triggers so that the person concerned can stop reacting unconsciously to past events, and have more control over their thoughts and feelings in the present.  Debbie uses Kinesiology to muscle-test for accurate readings of what core issues are, and to then test again to be sure they have been cleared. There is no hypnosis or anything that prevents the participant from feeling completely in control and comfortable with the mechanics of the process.
Debbie Talalay believes that Theta also has a role to play in supporting couples as they move out the other side of divorce:

“You don’t want to carry forward the hurt and the hate into your next relationships – Theta Healing is a way to change all of that and make sure your next relationships are grounded upon a more emotionally intelligent foundation.”

But most of all, Debbie feels that the esoteric ‘connectedness’ that lies behind Theta is one based on compassion and love, which is very congruent with what lies behind the process of Mediation.
Yes, you can save money and time by using Mediation, but what is key is that it provides a platform for couples to engage with and practice compassion and empathy, which will be valuable tools to both of them as they evolve into an extended family, with all the ongoing pressures that can entail.
Deborah Talalay


Deborah Talalay Theta Healer, Homeopath, NLP Master Practitioner, and a Healer. Deborah Talalay is a leading London based Theta Healer who has practised in Harley Street and West London and has successfully treated people of all ages and from all walks of life. Deborah has developed the Stamford Healing Process, an enhanced form of Theta Healing that can be accessed online anywhere in the world direct via Deborah’s Self Help Videos.     Read more about Deborah