Your Self-Help Videos

What’s different about my self help videos and how are they unique?

For the first time you can be cleared of the voice in your head which tells you that you can’t do it, that you’re not good enough - and the thousand other explanations we use to keep ourselves down, simply by watching a video.

There is no homework, writing diaries, positive affirmations or visualising. What makes my self help videos unique is that the clearing of these sabotaging beliefs is imprinted onto the video – and all you have to do is to watch it.

Self help videos – Everyone can do this!

I teach you a little simple Kinesiology so you can check if you are carrying a belief, and then check if it has been cleared. The videos are effective without the Kinesiology, but this helps you to understand what you’ve been carrying.

Until now, you would have to go to a therapist and spend a long time identifying and then trying to bypass each issue.

This can become extremely expensive, and often takes months and sometimes years to come to terms with your issues.

With my videos, a range of the most commonly held beliefs for that subject are presented to you. You check if you have that belief, and then a few seconds later check again to see if it has gone.

Very much faster!!!

I charge a lot for my clients to see me in Harley St and my Chiswick practice. But you can buy one of these videos for £37 – the equivalent of a session costing £160

This healing process is a simple, safe yet powerful non-invasive therapy.

How do the self help videos work?

The self help videos work by targeting the causes of our pain…in a matter of moments.

We hold a great many beliefs which we’ve inherited from our families, our religions and our cultural backgrounds. We may not even agree with these beliefs, but we still hold them.

This creates internal conflict.

My clients are often astonished to find out what they’ve been carrying – but feel a great deal better when they have been cleared.

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Theory behind Healing for Change – Self Help Videos

It has long been understood that many of our physical diseases are manifestations of our emotional blocks. So, I don’t concentrate on the physical aspects of people’s illnesses because I know from experience, that once we change the beliefs we hold in the body as unexpressed emotions, then a lot of the physical problems disappear.

One of my clients – Mark F had an ongoing problem with his neck and back. He had been to see sports physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths, but the problem was never resolved. Eventually his chiropractor told him she believed his problem was emotional and suggested he come to see me.

Here’s what Mark had to say;

“I initially went to see Debbie about my neck and back and after two or three sessions things started to improve physically and emotionally. I discovered I was holding emotion and pain in different parts of my body which is why my back and neck weren’t getting better.

Shortly after seeing Debbie I found that I was able to start training again and was no longer in pain. I was getting physically stronger which really helped with my business because I’m a fitness instructor.

We also worked with some personal issues that I have struggled with my whole life. It has taken eight months and my life has improved enormously. The healing has led to some big changes this year and they’ve all been very positive, some really fantastic.”

People punish themselves with guilt and unhappiness, and receive this punishment as a disease or illness. When you correct the guilt, shame, anger and other emotions you are holding, you often achieve a body which functions a lot better as well as a better way of life. People get better when their beliefs shift.

Debbie has been a practicing homeopath for over 25 years and is also an NLP Master Practitioner. She became a Theta Healer after receiving it from a friend and realising how much it would enhance her other practices. . She now works as a Healer using the knowledge and practices from all these therapies blended together.

She says that “so far the results both for physical disease and emotional states have been nothing short of miraculous”.

“Most people say that they feel lighter, that a burden has been lifted. Many were surprised to realise just how destructive and negative their underlying beliefs were”

Healing for Change is a simple, safe yet powerful non-invasive therapy that reprograms entrenched negative belief patterns. It works on our energy systems to identify, remove and replace toxic beliefs, held either consciously or unconsciously in our bodies at a cellular level.

…. and once the underlying negativity has been cleared, then your life can start to change.

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Full Video Pack

  • All of Debbie's video sets in one pack
  • Received as individual downloads
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Redundancy and Loss

  • This video will help you through many situations including the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one and children leaving home
  • It will help to heal your loss and give you the confidence to make a new start
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Fear of Rejection

  • Do you hang back just in case you’re rejected? Does this stop you being with who you want or asking for what you need?
  • This video will remove this very limiting state and make you realise that you are wanted.
  • When YOU feel you are wanted – then others really do start to want you!
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I'm Not Good Enough

  • So many of us fear that we are not good enough for no real reason, and so we limit what we do and how we present ourselves
  • This video will remove the negativity which makes us feel this way.
  • When you no longer have this belief – your real capabilities and confidence are allowed to shine
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Success and Failure

  • Remove many of the underlying beliefs and fears of what success and failure will bring to you
  • When these undercurrents have been removed – you’ll notice that your efforts start to get results
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  • Are you really a leader but hiding yourself away?
  • This video will enable you to strike a balance between using power well and becoming someone you don’t want to be.
  • People have found a sense of freedom after this video, their careers have blossomed and people have discovered that they have a voice.
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  • Do you feel that your best efforts don’t get rewarded as they should?
  • You may be surprised to know that you are keeping yourself around survival level because wealthy people are meant to be bad
  • This video will has helped one of my clients double her income in one year
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Self Healing For Women

  • Ladies – this video is for you.
  • Do you feel that men have the advantage, and that you have to work much harder to achieve or to earn the same?
  • This video will release each woman from centuries of conditioning and being held back and all the anxieties that go with it.
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Weight Loss

  • Help you release barriers and beliefs you may have to shedding weight
  • Theta healing will help you clear these self-sabotaging beliefs.
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