Testimonials From Clients

"Debbie Talalay – wow, if you haven’t been to see Debbie yet, then you just must. Went to see her and found out about ingrained beliefs I didn’t know I even had (but make a lot of sense given my background etc) and now they are gone… just like that!"

Lara Zibarras – Business Psychologist

"I know it worked – because I can breathe deeply again without feeling blocked. I feel like a new woman since my Theta Healing session and I’ve had more potential clients gravitating towards me."

Claudia Crawley – Career coach & executive coach for women, at Winning Pathways Coaching

"You put your finger – literally! – on the core of my pain and I cried all evening. Today, I am feeling almost back to normal, i.e. inspired by life."

Ms J.W.

"The session was a real eye opener. In a very short period of time, Debbie was able to identify issues I had been living with for a long time, without realising it (of course…). She then worked on untangling the knots so quickly it felt like magic… Thank you so much Debbie!"

Cyrine – Aromatherapist

"It was amazing how much you could achieve in only 15 minutes. You managed to pinpoint issues very accurately and focus on them in a very impressive way."

Mrs D. H-B – Wellness practitioner

"I was amazed how quickly you can get rid of fears you had whole your life. I would say that transformation is a huge understatement in this case! If you want to change your life and you need to do it fast, Debbie Talalay is your answer!"

Ms K.N. Style Psychologist

"I am sooo impressed! I assume the Theta Healing has started to unblock my procrastination, because the seminar brochures are now completed, printed and bound."

Sheelagh – Presentation Coach

"I was tired of living with eczema, and of same-old answers from GPs and dermatologists. I turned to homeopathy and Theta Healing. After the first treatment I experienced a brief flare-up, but then my skin was visibly clearer and less itchy. . At a wedding this weekend I was complimented on my skin – a sign of the real breakthrough this healing has been for me."

Ms D. D Mediator and Educator

"Ms Talalay pulled me out of 60 years of despondency and the result has been that I am coming out of retirement to do the things that I lacked the confidence to do in the past."

Ms F. L. Journalist

I sent my adult daughter to see Debbie Talalay as she had not been the same since she had been mugged some years previously. After treatment she started to show her old true self again and her repressed feelings and anxieties were gone. She was back to her old self and I had my daughter back again".

Ms D B

I took my 12 year old son to see Debbie. He had spent much of his childhood displaying aggressive behaviour and a negative attitude both at school and at home. His self esteem was rock bottom and although we were showering him with love and affection, we couldn't unblock this negative out- look, which was impacting our family life. 3 sessions with Debbie and our teenager is polite, thoughtful, helpful, friendly, and most importantly, happy. Family members have commented that it's as though someone has cast a spell on him. Long may it continue!

Ms N Stone

After hearing so many testimonials I decided to give Theta healing a go, I had little concept of what would happen or what the process would be, and to be honest I am still not that sure of what really happens during the 90mins session with Debbie Talalay. And that's ok because the results have been actually quite astonishing. After seeing Debbie over the last 4 months, I can honestly say I have never been as happy as I am now.

MS J Deeks Nutritionist

During my recent session with Debbie we talked about the pain I was having in my knees which was sometimes quite acute. It turns out that the cause of the pain was emotional rather than physical and had manifested as a way to stop me running ahead too quickly! Debbie removed the emotional blocks that was causing these emotions and also sent me a homeopathic remedy which would help. Almost immediately the pain in my knees improved and within 2-3 days (and before the remedy arrived) the pain had completely gone! Thanks so much Debbie.

Ms L Ashton: Founder and CEO Sasudi

After our session I was utterly exhausted but aware a massive shift had happened. Four days later and I have rekindled belief and already new opportunities have presented themselves.

Ms L E - Tribunal Judge

This Theta Healing! I’ve been looking for something like that to take the worry away all my life. It’s incredible I don’t remember not worrying about everything. I feel such a major sense of relief.

RH - Hereford

Clear, Precise, Professional, Personable, very accurate and effective - Debbie Talalay de- livers creatively and effectively exactly what she claims she can do.

Dr K J

You have removed the stones from my heart.

Ms A G CEO and founder of Dentart

I met Debbie just over a year ago and she saved my life, almost literally. Within an hour of session some beliefs which I worked for years on were gone and I have seen the results almost immediately. Within a year I was able to turn around my business, start a new one, be financially free, sort out the most painful relationships including family members, improve my health, start new relationship and follow my heart. Within a year I achieved 3 times more than in the previous 15 years.

Ms M S Building Contractor

"I would normally launch into an angry & aggressive tirade (no matter the consequences) against the person I was confronting. How I have not been shot / stabbed / strangled in a number of situations in which I have found myself in life, I can only put down to Grace – & the fact that I am 6` 2′′ tall and weigh 100+ kg! But this time I noticed that I was not in the least ‘aggro’. I was certain of my position I gave myself the time and liberty to calmly ex- press my point of view and, after a few minutes and a couple of rejoinders from him, he agreed that I was right. It`s too early to tell but I think something may be opening up somewhere inside me - that a fear may have shifted".

Mr A H Australia, Engineer

I have always been sceptical about using alternative therapies. ... I am truly amazed by the results and now I am much more confident to talk in front of others. Would highly recommend this to anyone with low self-esteem or any- one needing a confidence boost.

Ms E D – CEO

A heavy dark cloud is finally lifting and I can now see and feel a happier and more confi- dent me emerging.

Sue - Property Developer.

"You are annoyingly accurate".

Mark Stanley - CEO MultiActional Publisher

Debbie’s help has been so profound that it has completely changed my quality of life. I wish I had come across The Stamford Healing Process and Debbie’s practice in particular, years ago. After long periods of counselling and months of taking anti-depressants I was struggling, both with myself and with relationships at work and at home, especially with my mother.

Public speaking, a big part of my job in the City was my greatest fear. Debbie managed to change all that n two sessions. Her sensitivity, understanding and the results that she gets means that I have changed and my world has changed. Debbie has achieved miraculous results. This is simply the best thing that I have done.

Lina - City Analyst

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