Weight Loss

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Weight Loss

This weight reduction module will help you release barriers and beliefs you may have to shedding weight. We all hold on to weight for different reasons. Most of these reasons and patterns of behaviour are covered in these videos, and need to be cleared before you attempt to lose weight. Otherwise you end up with a tug of war between your good intentions and your buried resistance.

Many of our beliefs are held unconsciously and you may be surprised to find that for whatever reason – you are holding on to beliefs that consciously you do not believe, but that may be unconsciously driving you and blocking your attempts to lose weight.

These videos are not a diet – but will enable you to shed your resistance.

Theta healing will help you clear these self-sabotaging beliefs. If you get stuck on a belief that won’t clear finish the module and then return to the stuck belief (it may be useful to keep a note of the time on the video so you can easily go back to it.

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