Package of six sessions (1.5 hrs One-to-one in person)

Key benefits for having a 1-2-1 session with me.

Some clients have had enough of their particular situation – be it PTSD, an abusive relationship, an eating disorder, a child failing academically, or a skin disorder such as eczema – and they just want it fixed as soon as possible.

It focuses directly on your issues, your family background and all the events which have created those issues.

When you work directly with me I make sure that we are getting to the heart of the problem. Fast.

Any issue that comes up during the session can be dealt with at once.

If you have concerns or questions you can receive an immediate answer.

We cover the equivalent of many weeks or months of more conventional treatments in a 90 minute session. So it’s fast!


Package of six sessions (One-to-one in person 1.5hrs) = £1080


After booking please email to arrange a date and time for your session.

Do you need to have your issue resolved in a hurry?

"I was amazed how quickly you can get rid of fears you had whole your life. I would say that transformation is a huge understatement in this case! If you want to change your life and you need to do it fast, Debbie Talalay is your answer!"

Ms K.N. Style Psychologist


"Clear, Precise, Professional, Personable, very accurate and effective - Debbie Talalay delivers creatively and effectively exactly what she claims she can do".

Dr K J


Personal sessions are available by Skype/Zoom as well as in person.

Contact me and we can start to work 1-1 towards getting the results you want.


After booking please email to arrange a date and time for your session.