Redundancy and Loss

Your sense of belonging and of being needed can be easily destroyed. This video will help you through many situations including job loss, the loss of a loved one and children leaving home. It will help to heal and give you the confidence to make a new start.

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I’m not wanted anymore.

This module is about losing your job – being made redundant. And though it’s not a paid job – when your children leave home it feels very similar to being made redundant.

When you come to the end of something that has been a major part of your life it is a significant crossroads. It can unleash many painful thoughts and fears. These may leave you feeling cut loose from everything you have been used to, and confused about how to cope with the new situation and how best to continue.

Take it seriously. This is a time for you to choose what you would like in your new life. Don’t let these choices be determined by insecurity and negativity.

The feelings of being discarded and of worthlessness after a job or relationship loss run very deep and can bring about a sense of abandonment and depression.

Most people feel rejected and abandoned at some point in their lives. Many feel there must be something wrong with them. You may feel embarrassed and ashamed – and believe that you are no longer socially acceptable. Please don’t let that stop you clearing yourself with this Theta module.

You should find that this module will help you out of the despair and pain of your loss. It should help you have more confidence and an increased sense of meaning and purpose.

A Theta practitioner will not alter the client’s beliefs in any way without permission from that person, and I’ve programmed in that if a person needs to hang on to any of their beliefs – then this will not be cleared until it is for their greatest and highest good.

This module also relates to the modules on Fear of Rejection, I’m Not Good Enough and Relationships– so you may find that those modules will be useful to you as well.

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