Are you really a leader but hiding yourself away? This video will enable you to strike a balance between using power well and becoming someone you don’t want to be. Are you in a relationship where you are dominated?

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This will give you the ability to defend yourself and insist on a more equal relationship. People have found a sense of freedom after this video, their careers have blossomed and people have discovered that they have a voice.

This module is about power. About not having enough power and control over your life or the anxiety and responsibility of having a lot of power.

Decision making and fear of responsibility are issues which are related to power, and are touched on in this module This module will be useful for those whose ancestors have come from countries where there has been a repressive regime in power and where people were not allowed to think and act freely.

You may mistrust your ability to hold power, or fear that if you have power it might make you become someone you wouldn’t like or respect. This module will clear your fears and doubts and help you to become easier with yourself and comfortable with your power.

A Theta practitioner will not alter the client’s beliefs in any way without permission from that person, and I’ve programmed in that if a person needs to hang on to any of their beliefs – then this will not be cleared until it is for their greatest and highest good.

This module also relates to the modules Success and Failure, Poverty and Fear of Rejection – so you may find those modules will be useful to you as well.

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