Success and Failure

We are frightened of failure so we don’t start. We are also frightened of success even though we may want it, so sabotage our efforts. This video will remove many of the underlying beliefs and fears of what success and failure will bring to you.

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Success and Failure

This module is about success / failure and the fear of success and failure.

How you evaluate and perceive yourself is fundamental to your feelings of ease and wellbeing and how you relate to others. Many think there must be something wrong with them and feel disappointed in their lives. Many are disappointed in themselves for not living up to their earlier promise.

Sometimes fear of success can be an even bigger brake on your life than feelings of failure, and then you sabotage your own success because it feels unsafe or because you think you’re unworthy or not up to it.

And for those who have been successful – this can bring terrible anxiety of being able to maintain that success and the responsibility to others who depend on your success that this brings.

Its well worth discovering what you might be carrying and clearing yourself with this Theta module.

Once these underlying beliefs are cleared, you will find you feel differently about yourself – and what seemed impossible earlier seems to be a lot easier and within your reach after the clearing.

A Theta practitioner will not alter the client’s beliefs in any way without permission from that person– and I’ve programmed in that if a person needs to hang on to any of their beliefs – then this will not be cleared until it is for their greatest and highest good.

This module also relates to the modules I’m Not Good Enough, Poverty, and Fear of Rejection– so you may find those modules will be useful to you as well.

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