The Power of Harmful Intentions

The Power of Harmful Intentions

When the mind is overloaded, or when something is too painful, or when the mind can’t deal with an emotion or event it will download it onto the body where it will be stored until the mind is ready to deal with it.
Many of our illnesses have their origins in an event or emotions that we were unable to deal with at the time.

I have a friend who has had a very itchy, raised rash low down on her left leg. She’s had it for the last 25 years and no-one has been able to heal it.
It comes and goes – but mostly it’s there. – driving her crazy at night.
Of course she scratches the area – and wakes in the morning with a raw and bleeding patch which is still itchy.

She can’t wear tights or anything nylon over it – so this means she’s forced to wear trousers most of the year and can only wear skirts in the summer.

One year, it was so bad that it developed into cellulitis. My friend went to the Hospital for Tropical Diseases to see if she’d picked something up on her extensive travels.

The hospital didn’t know what it was, and did nothing. So my friend tried normal treatments from the doctor who gave her ant-biotics and cortisone cream to apply to the area.

This proved to be horribly aggravating. The leg flared – the itching increased so that it was almost unbearable. She’d tried every cream on the market she thought might bring her relief. None of the creams or treatments has made any difference.

When I see a client where the symptoms are not clearing despite everyone’s best efforts – I start to look at what might lie underneath.
What does the brain and what do the emotions need to clear to resolve the dis-ease?
So – last year on a visit, we used The Stamford Healing Process to go through a few of the painful emotions in my friend’s life which might have contributed to this rash.
She felt very much better after the healing – but the rash remained.

So this year – we tried again, and I questioned her on who might wish her harm.

She reminded me that when she divorced her husband her very good friend had made a beeline for him and had married him herself.
And then she had broken off all ties and friendship with my friend.
My friend was deeply hurt by this betrayal.

So we worked on the emotions around this. Even though she was aware that her ex friend had done her a favour by taking the husband she’d left and by taking responsibility for him as he got older – the leg remained the same.

We tried removing old vows of their 31 year marriage in case she was making herself suffer for breaking these vows. Still nothing.
Then I realised that the new wife needed to absolve herself of the guilt she felt for her disloyalty to her friend.
The way she had absolved herself was by refusing to recognise that her behaviour had been appalling. She transferred all her guilt onto her friend and cursed her instead.

I never believed in curses until I started clearing people of their negativity and limitations.
I thought that they were just superstitious rubbish.
But when I came across beliefs which would not budge and as a last resort tried to remove any curses around them – then I started to get results.

Does this mean that a curse is a figment of imagination in the client’s brain?
I don’t believe so. I think that our intentions carry a force and a power that create what we want – and also what we don’t want. If someone wishes you ill, they probably have no idea how capable they are of causing you ill. They would possibly be quite shocked. But the truth is that when we use our power in the wrong way and to harm – there are deep and damaging results.

I removed the curses sent by the ex-friend – and then, because the rash had started before my friend’s divorce, I looked for others who had wished my friend harm.
We removed what we found. The leg stopped itching within a few minutes. Several weeks later there has been no further itch and the patch has become smaller and less angry looking.

My friend was plagued by this rash for many years. She stored other people’s ill feeling towards her in that location – a safe place where no actual harm would be done to the body. This was infinitely better than developing a condition such as heart problems or cancer. The body is very wise in how it limits what might be harmful.

The Stamford Healing Process has been developed from Theta Healing. 

Huffington Post Article – Divorce

Huffington Post Article – Divorce

Even when you both agree it’s the best thing – getting divorced is a major upheaval. But more often than not the reason for the breakup involves bad behaviour and betrayal.

In my interview with Theta Healer Deborah Talalay, she reveals here the deeper effects of divorce, how they can ruin your chances of finding a new partner, and what you can do about it.

“There are some unavoidable side effects to the process of divorce:

The effects of divorce

  • The betrayal of your love and the loss of your dreams
  • The hurt to your feelings
  • The loss of your confidence and self-esteem
  • And the probability that finances are going to be a real problem

Then there are the issues around the children and access and the battle for their affections and their support. It’s not surprising that there is often such a residue of anger and bitterness.

Being single is the least of your problems

In a way – I believe that these emotions present an even greater problem to the divorcee than their new single status. These are the emotions which make you into an angry, sour and unattractive individual. Until you have worked through them – you’re unlikely to find another partner.

It’s astonishing how many people drum up the confidence to start dating again, and then spend their entire first date talking about how awful their ex was. Not a recipe for a successful match. Of course – there is never a second date.

So it’s really important to get the divorce or the breakup of your relationship out of your system first, before attempting to find a new partner.

Getting ready to date post-divorce

Use the opportunity to work on the reasons why your partnership failed, so that when you do go into a new partnership it doesn’t become a repeat of the old.

Theta Healing has helped the people I have worked with transform their feelings of hurt and betrayal, and has produced rapid and effective change.

If you would like help with a breakup and all the grief and negativity that has been released, there are free videos available to help you, which explain what Theta Healing is and how it works, as well as videos which will enable you to rapidly and effectively move away from the old and into the new.”


Read the article on the Huffington Post by clicking here 


Getting Over Your Divorce

Getting over your divorce can be difficult

Getting over the hurt and feelings of betrayal is a major hurdle. Not to mention the effects of divorce on children…

Even with marriage counselling and divorce mediation – the results can leave you feeling angry and bitter.

It is important to work on the reasons why your partnership failed. This will help make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes, and by making you less hurt and angry will minimise the effect of divorce on children.

Seeing a Theta Healing therapist will make getting over your divorce much easier. It can help bring you rapid relief from your negative emotions…

Read the full version on the Huffington Post

The Secret to Better Relationships

Invite better and closer relationships into your life

You don’t need a special issue to benefit from The Stamford Transformation Videos and you don’t need to be unhappy. In fact it’s an excellent opportunity to make your existing relationships even closer and better.

The issues and beliefs that we all have lurking just underneath the surface colour the relationships we have. Sometimes it’s like the elephant in the room – you know there’s an issue there and no one acknowledges it. It’s too dangerous. It’ll unleash too much emotion. What will the consequences be?

So we pretend it’s all fine.

But is it all fine?
Just because you’re able to function – doesn’t resolve anything.
And so the tension accumulates.
By the time it bursts – you have a major issue on your hands instead of one that could have been dealt with easily and effectively at a much earlier stage.

Often – these issues aren’t even yours.
We all carry patterning inherited from our ancestors and other sources which consciously we would be appalled at.
This patterning is something we live with whether conscious of it or not. It acts as an invisible brake on what we do and what we want to achieve.
We might have the brake on in one area of our lives and not in another.
When we clean ourselves of this patterning we enhance our actions, heal our relationships and invite extraordinary happenings into our lives.
By clearing our energy we invite wonderful people into our lives. We allow the people we’re with to be more wonderful with us – and we allow the flow of the Universe to reach us without obstacles.

So instead of letting the unspoken irritations and disappointments build up – do something about it now.
Don’t wait for the other person to change. That’s what they’re doing with you. It just builds up lots of point scoring and resentment.
Change yourself – because when you change your beliefs everyone else starts treating you differently.

Visit my website to find out more. Read how my clients’ lives have changed.

The Challenge of Travelling

Healing For Change – The Challenge of Travelling

Travelling is often far more of a challenge than we’ve bargained for.
We leave our comfortable lives and homes and set off for different parts of the world. But when we’ve left the things we’re familiar with – all the things that reassure us – we often surprise ourselves by how insecure we feel. The things that wouldn’t normally trouble us begin to feel threatening.
The adventure begins to look more like an ordeal.

While you’re at home in your own environment it’s easy to forget how comfortable you are. The faces on the street are familiar; you know where to go and how to achieve what you need to do with the minimum of effort. You’ve arranged your home to suit your preferences. And unless you like to make life difficult for yourself, you organise your life so that it can be lived as smoothly and conveniently as possible.

What we do is to live in such a way that we eliminate anything that makes us uncomfortable or that challenges us.
We forget that there are certain things which do make us feel threatened or low because we no longer encounter them on a daily basis. When we ‘re travelling our safety nets have been removed, so when these things happen – we are very surprised by the intensity of our reaction.

Many people have a fear of heights.
How do you manage when you’ve been told that the excursion has easy walks and you discover that the pathway is quite narrow with a precipice on one side with only a rickety looking handrail? Do you put on a brave face? Make a scene? Hang back and wait for everyone to return?
How do you feel about yourself afterwards? A little shamefaced? A bit annoyed with yourself because you couldn’t face what everyone else was able to do quite easily. Do you worry if you can manage on the rest of the trip or that you might be a drag on everyone else?

The truth is that though we don’t have to be good at everything we often don’t realise how very limited we’ve become. As we get older our expectations of ourselves become lower and it’s not long before you begin to feel that perhaps you ought to play it safe.

If you find yourself avoiding a certain holiday because you’re uncertain how you’ll cope with some of the demands it will place on you – then perhaps now’s the time to face those anxieties and to see if they can be cleared.

There are many therapies which can help.
I practice a simple, safe yet powerful non-invasive therapy that reprograms entrenched negative belief patterns. It incorporates several healing methods into a highly effective system.
It works on our energy to identify, remove and replace limiting beliefs, whether they’re held consciously or unconsciously

Many of us have deeply held negative beliefs that drive us and stop us doing what we could despite our efforts to change. It doesn’t have to be that way. Healing for Change works quickly to clear those blocks and for many the results are instantaneous and transformative on an emotional, mental and physical level.

Once your underlying beliefs have been cleared, then you’ll find that you’re ready to conquer the world.

If you’d like to find out more about this ground breaking new therapy, please visit my website; www.

You will find free videos showing you what the healing is, how it works and how it might apply to you.

I feel deserted

Do you feel deserted?

Are you the one left behind?

Has your partner gone off with someone else?

Are they younger and better looking?

Are they wealthier?

All of this is likely to make you feel redundant and discarded. It will make you feel deserted.
It’s a real knock to your self-confidence, and how you rate yourself.
If your partner has left for these reasons – then you wonder what others must think of you.

Whatever you do – don’t hide!

Remember Princess Diana when she was stripped of her Royal title?
She looked so sad and despairing on her way back from the Palace.
But that night, she put on a glamorous evening gown and went dancing.
Instead of crying alone – she presented a brave face to the world and won a lot of admiration for her courage.

OK – just because your partner has gone does not mean you are redundant or past your sell by date. Don’t give in to those destructive thoughts.
You are worthwhile and of value. Look after yourself – don’t allow yourself to go to seed. Keep your head up!
Be kind to yourself – and no – that doesn’t mean another bar of chocolate.

You have skills and attributes which may never have been given the chance to blossom in your old relationship. Maybe it’s time for that to happen.
The Stamford Transformation videos have helped transform feelings of betrayal and worthlessness, and have produced rapid and effective change.

If you would like help with a breakup and the loss of confidence and self-esteem that has gone with it, go to my website: www.

There are free videos which explain what the Healing is and how it works, as well as videos which will enable you to rapidly and effectively move away from the old and into the new.