Theta Healer Debbie Talalay gets to know Leigh Ashton of Sasudi

Interview with Leigh Ashton

In this interview, Theta Healer Debbie Talalay gets to know Leigh Ashton of Sasudi, as part of a desire to bring to the attention of her readers a diverse range of experts.

Leigh Ashton of Sasudi

What made you become the expert you are in your field? Why did you start offering this service?

It was organic…I was a very successful sales consultant, promoted to sales manager which led to an interest in psychology and eventually to me starting The Sales Consultancy in 1995 to help small businesses to grow their sales by changing their thinking.

In 2016 I launched an online platform Sasudi which is a complete sales toolkit for small business. I’m about to launch a sales mindset eLearning platform for sales teams.

In my experience most people know what they should be doing to get more sales…they just don’t do it because of stuff going on in their head! Change the stuff in your head and you do the activities that grow your sales.

What are the core benefits of your service to your clients? Start with the MOST important benefit, and explain how your work impacts the lives of others.

Core benefits: People get rid of their fear and dread of sales and find the confidence to promote themselves and their products/services in a way that’s right for them.

The mindset shifts as they experience leads not only to more sales success…it also increases success in the other areas of their lives as their confidence and belief in themselves grows.

What advice to you have for others in your line of work? How could you best mentor them?

Be yourself and share what you’re really great at. You’re given a gift to share with the world…focus on that and leave others to share their gift. You don’t have to be the complete solution!

What are the key drivers of people who use your service? What makes them take that first step to come to see you or access your offerings?

Generally, they are worried and don’t know what to do to grow their sales…or they are super enthusiastic to be the best they can be and want to fine tune their skills and thinking.

How do you deliver your service? 1-1? Online?

Online and in groups. My business is designed to offer great flexibility and appeals to busy entrepreneurs.

What is your vision for the future regarding your work? What do you intend to achieve?

My outcome is to help over a million people change the way they think about sales, leading to a more heart-centred and caring approach to customers.

What kind of collaborations are you looking for? What other professionals would complement your work with clients? What other ways would you like to support your clients?

Not looking for collaborations right now but later this year or early next year we’ll look to collaborate with companies that deliver solutions to Sales Directors or small business owners and explore what that brings.

What else would you like to share with our readers?

“Never compare yourself to others, only to the you of yesterday.”

If you are moving towards your goals each day…even if only by a bit…you are going in the right direction!

So ask yourself at the end of each day:
”Based on my experiences today, what could I do differently, to be a better version of myself tomorrow?”

Leigh Ashton

Sasudi – Making Sales Easy

M: 07932 164 873

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