How to overcome fears about your financial future and expect and achieve success in today’s economic climate

I’ve noticed an undercurrent of fear among clients who are wondering whether their business and jobs will survive the coming months. Despite the doom and gloom in the press I believe that it is possible to thrive in this economy and know that the surge in negativity can be overcome by a change in perception

The negativity surrounding the economy is high, and the expectation that we can pull ourselves out of trouble in the near future becomes lower with every fresh statement from the treasury and the economists. The general atmosphere of fear and despair in the air is almost tangible – it doesn’t have to be this way.

Because the constant stream of bad news has made us fearful and depressed – we are no longer able to envision growth, success and a good outcome. The more we expect the ceiling to come crashing in – the more we modify our behaviour and strategy to ensure that it does.
When we expect an event to happen – it often does, precisely because we have invited it on an energy level.

Our reality is the outcome of our expectations.

I have had several clients say they were expecting a thin time of it. That they were expecting that their regulars would choose to go to the cheapest rival and that no-one would really want their particular skill right now. Other clients who work on a contract basis have been very fearful that contracts would not be renewed and that if nothing happened soon they would not pick up further work till after the New Year. There has been a strong fear that employers would not wish to pay the asking price for their services and that they would have to make substantial discounts to even stay in the running.

Things haven’t changed that much in recent weeks. What has changed has been the perception. Yes, it is true that many people have lost their jobs and many more will continue to do so. But that is not only a reflection of the current state of the economy – but also a reflection of the loss of heart and the expectation of a massive downturn. We are witnessing a contraction in the market due to the fear of recession which results in the downturn in investment and spending. It’s like everyone has taken a back seat and will not commit to growth or expansion until they see how things are developing. And of course – so many people opting out of growth all at once results in the very contraction that has been feared and brings the economy to a standstill.

I have spent a lot of time recently talking with clients who have lost heart and who are expecting to be laid off or underemployed. I have given Theta Healing to remove the belief that
• their worst expectations are guaranteed to happen
• for the belief that they are too old and younger people will be given the contracts they were expecting
• That they are no longer needed
• That their skills were no longer relevant
• That they needed to heavily discount their fees
• That if they don’t have a contract now – there won’t be anything for months.

If a prospective job candidate believes some or all of the above, they are going to present themselves in an entirely different light to one who feels assured that he or she is the right person for the opening. The upbeat candidate will convince his interviewers that if they employ him, the company will gain such benefit from his expertise that the asking fee is really moderate and is very good value.

Several of my clients have won contracts and been given jobs that they were originally convinced they had very little hope of getting. One man told me that far from abandoning him, his clients had given him so many commissions that he had employed someone to help him.

When confident and motivated, we can attract work and success to ourselves even in times of recession, and we can inspire others to become more optimistic.

When we have the expectation of success it is far more likely that we will convince others to help and support us in achieving that.

When we have the expectation of meltdown then however hard we try to disguise it, we show our despair and fear and contribute to the general malaise.

I would like to see us all change our negative expectations into positivity and excitement.
The recession won’t stand a chance!

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