Theta Healer Debbie Talalay gets to know Facialist Chelseé Lewis

Interview with Chelseé Lewis

In this interview, Theta Healer Debbie Talalay gets to know Facialist Chelseé Lewis, as part of a desire to bring to the attention of her readers a diverse range of experts.

Chelsee Lewis

What made you become the expert you are in your field? Why did you start offering this service?

I was always passionate about well-being, nutrition, fitness & anti-ageing. I trained 20 years ago as a beauty therapist but over the last 11 years, I chose to specialise in facials.  The treatments I offer are toning anti-ageing facial to lymph drainage facials. For me, it’s all about treating the client from lifestyle to diet. It’s about how we look after our bodies as a whole.

What are the core benefits of your service to your clients? Start with the MOST important benefit, and explain how your work impacts the lives of others.

The benefits from having facial treatments are skin rejuvenations, anti-ageing, relaxation, cell renewal, microcirculation – and even skin-tone, toning, firming, well-being, detoxifying & deep cleansing.

The work  I do is helping to make clients feel & look great, be more confident and also giving them the time out from their busy lives to find the time to relax, be pampered & leave with amazing skin.

What advice to you have for others in your line of work? How could you best mentor them?

Always give & be your best, giving a wonderful service.

What are the key drivers of people who use your service? What makes them take that first step to come to see you or access your offerings?

My client base is those people who want help with anti-ageing, deep cleansing, skin rejuvenation & wellbeing, with me making it a safe and enjoyable experience.

What is your vision for the future regarding your work? What do you intend to achieve?

My goal is to grow my business and expand & have a team with the same vision. Offering the best beauty treatments in London, in luxurious surroundings, & to keep on educating clients on how to care for their skin & on wellness.

What kind of collaborations are you looking for? What other professionals would compliment your work with clients? What other ways would you like to support your cliets?

I like to collaborate with other professionals where it will enhance the service. Collaborating with doctors, nutritionists, therapists, wellness practitioners, personal trainers – I always recommend services I’ve tried and tested & refer my clients to have other services which will enhance treating the body as a whole.

What else would you like to share with our readers?

Always listen to your body — it is always telling us what is really going on.

Chelseé Lewis 

M: 07946893842

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