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Why not be ready to take the next step and invest in one of the full modules at a specially reduced price, so that you can make lasting changes quickly and sustainably?

If there is an area of your life that you no longer want to put up with anymore – maybe a lack of self-confidence, wanting more success in your business, weight loss or not feeling ‘good enough’ – then you will need to work specifically on that issue with a full module which normally costs £57.

But as a new subscriber, you can buy just one of these life changing videos for £20 less.  This is a one-time only offer.

“After 1 session a weight began to lift and after a few more my energy began to return and my spirit lighten. I interpret Debbie’s Theta technique as clearing the blockages of here and now then right down to the very soul so one doesn’t have to trip over the same mess twice.”
Ms S. McG Designer

You can access this one-time-only offer available to new subscribers for only £37, which is a massive saving on working with me 1-1.

Listen to the video tasters below and choose the video that is best for you at a £20 discount, by using the code: Firstvideo

Full Video Pack

  • All of Debbie's video sets in one pack
  • Received as individual downloads
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Redundancy and Loss

  • This video will help you through many situations including the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one and children leaving home
  • It will help to heal your loss and give you the confidence to make a new start
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Fear of Rejection

  • Do you hang back just in case you’re rejected? Does this stop you being with who you want or asking for what you need?
  • This video will remove this very limiting state and make you realise that you are wanted.
  • When YOU feel you are wanted – then others really do start to want you!
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I'm Not Good Enough

  • So many of us fear that we are not good enough for no real reason, and so we limit what we do and how we present ourselves
  • This video will remove the negativity which makes us feel this way.
  • When you no longer have this belief – your real capabilities and confidence are allowed to shine
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Success and Failure

  • Remove many of the underlying beliefs and fears of what success and failure will bring to you
  • When these undercurrents have been removed – you’ll notice that your efforts start to get results
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  • Are you really a leader but hiding yourself away?
  • This video will enable you to strike a balance between using power well and becoming someone you don’t want to be.
  • People have found a sense of freedom after this video, their careers have blossomed and people have discovered that they have a voice.
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  • Do you feel that your best efforts don’t get rewarded as they should?
  • You may be surprised to know that you are keeping yourself around survival level because wealthy people are meant to be bad
  • This video will has helped one of my clients double her income in one year
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Self Healing For Women

  • Ladies – this video is for you.
  • Do you feel that men have the advantage, and that you have to work much harder to achieve or to earn the same?
  • This video will release each woman from centuries of conditioning and being held back and all the anxieties that go with it.
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Weight Loss

  • Help you release barriers and beliefs you may have to shedding weight
  • Theta healing will help you clear these self-sabotaging beliefs.
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“Within an hour’s session, beliefs and traumas which I had worked on but not resolved for 15 years were gone and I saw the results almost immediately. I was able to turn around my business, start a new one, become financially free, sort out the most painful relationships, improve my health, start a new relationship and follow my heart. Within a year I achieved 3 times more than in the previous 15.”
Monika S CEO Building Contractor

Are you in a hurry?

Do you need a faster solution?

Most people respond extremely well to the videos. In fact one of my clients doubled her business in one year after watching the Success and Failure video.

But you may want to work with the videos first and then come for a personal session to clear anything the videos have not addressed…

Or you may just want to come to see me for a personal session right away.

Do you need to have your issue resolved in a hurry?

Do you have exams to pass or an interview to do well in?

Is your child not doing well at school or university?

Is your child bulimic or self-harming?

Please contact me and we can start to work towards getting the results you want.

Some clients have had enough of their particular situation – be it PTSD, an abusive relationship, an eating disorder, a child failing academically, or a skin disorder such as eczema – and they just want it fixed as soon as possible.

Key benefits for having a 1-2-1 session with me.

  1. It focusses directly on your issues, your family background and all the events which have created those issues.
  2. Though you cannot fail with the videos –when you come directly to me I make sure that we are getting to the heart of the problem so you don’t have to worry if you are doing it right.
  3. Any issue that comes up during the session can be dealt with at once.
  4. If you have concerns or questions you can ask them and receive an immediate answer.

We cover the equivalent of many weeks or months of more conventional treatments in a 90 minute session. So it’s fast!

Personal sessions are available by Skype as well as in person.

If you would like to book a personal session please click here

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