Discover your pleasure and pain islands

Discover your pleasure and pain islands:

  • Gain clarity in a few short minutes on what drives your behaviour – pleasure or pain?
  • Tap into what it is that truly makes you happy and what you need to do to stay on that ‘pleasure island’ more often
  • Learn more about yourself and how to be more effective at bringing pleasure into your life.



Make a decision today on what steps you can take right now using this short guided questionnaire.

“I was amazed how quickly you can get rid of fears you had whole your life. I would say that transformation is a huge understatement in this case! If you want to change your life and you need to do it fast, Debbie Talalay is your answer!”

Ms K.N. Style Psychologist

Let’s see what drives you the most – Pleasure or Pain – and how to free yourself from a lifetime of self-limiting beliefs.  It’s time to reach your own full potential.


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“I didn’t even know about the beliefs I held till I said them out loud. Yet at the same time verbalising them helped me realise that these are the secret beliefs that are holding me back. I now have the strength and courage to face challenges in life”

Ms E. K. T – Singapore

About Deborah



Deborah Talalay Theta Healer, Homeopath, NLP Master Practitioner, and a Healer.

Deborah Talalay is a leading London-based Theta healer who recently practiced in Harley Street and now in West London. Using Theta Healing, Homeopathy, NLP and as a Healer, Deborah has successfully treated people of all ages and from all walks of life for a wide variety of complaints and life conditions.

Workshops and lectures include The College of Psychic Studies and The City Business Library. Group sessions are available on request. Deborah practices in Harley Street and Chiswick, West London

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