Theta Healer Debbie Talalay gets to know Leigh Ashton of Sasudi

In this interview, Theta Healer Debbie Talalay gets to know Leigh Ashton of Sasudi, as part of a desire to bring to the attention of her readers a diverse range of experts.

Leigh Ashton of Sasudi

What made you become the expert you are in your field? Why did you start offering this service?

It was organic…I was a very successful sales consultant, promoted to sales manager which led to an interest in psychology and eventually to me starting The Sales Consultancy in 1995 to help small businesses to grow their sales by changing their thinking.

In 2016 I launched an online platform Sasudi which is a complete sales toolkit for small business. I’m about to launch a sales mindset eLearning platform for sales teams.

In my experience most people know what they should be doing to get more sales…they just don’t do it because of stuff going on in their head! Change the stuff in your head and you do the activities that grow your sales.

What are the core benefits of your service to your clients? Start with the MOST important benefit, and explain how your work impacts the lives of others.

Core benefits: People get rid of their fear and dread of sales and find the confidence to promote themselves and their products/services in a way that’s right for them.

The mindset shifts as they experience leads not only to more sales success…it also increases success in the other areas of their lives as their confidence and belief in themselves grows.

What advice to you have for others in your line of work? How could you best mentor them?

Be yourself and share what you’re really great at. You’re given a gift to share with the world…focus on that and leave others to share their gift. You don’t have to be the complete solution!

What are the key drivers of people who use your service? What makes them take that first step to come to see you or access your offerings?

Generally, they are worried and don’t know what to do to grow their sales…or they are super enthusiastic to be the best they can be and want to fine tune their skills and thinking.

How do you deliver your service? 1-1? Online?

Online and in groups. My business is designed to offer great flexibility and appeals to busy entrepreneurs.

What is your vision for the future regarding your work? What do you intend to achieve?

My outcome is to help over a million people change the way they think about sales, leading to a more heart-centred and caring approach to customers.

What kind of collaborations are you looking for? What other professionals would complement your work with clients? What other ways would you like to support your clients?

Not looking for collaborations right now but later this year or early next year we’ll look to collaborate with companies that deliver solutions to Sales Directors or small business owners and explore what that brings.

What else would you like to share with our readers?

“Never compare yourself to others, only to the you of yesterday.”

If you are moving towards your goals each day…even if only by a bit…you are going in the right direction!

So ask yourself at the end of each day:
”Based on my experiences today, what could I do differently, to be a better version of myself tomorrow?”

Leigh Ashton

Sasudi – Making Sales Easy

M: 07932 164 873


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Deborah Talalay Theta Healer, Homeopath, NLP Master Practitioner, and a Healer. Over the years Debbie has added to her skills by qualifying in Kinesiology, becoming a Master Practitioner in NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – and more recently becoming an advanced Theta Healer. Workshops and lectures include The College of Psychic Studies and The City Business Library. Group sessions are available on request.

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How Theta Healing can help your Business

What Is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing, is a form of energy healing that helps clear self-limiting beliefs through accessing the theta brainwaves.  It has proven to be especially beneficial for helping business people to change beliefs that sabotage their success.

How Theta Healing can help your business

Theta Healing can help your business team feel better about their own lives and improve how they interact with clients and colleagues. The effects can be felt throughout the organisation leading to better staff retention, morale and productivity. Theta Healing can help employees to:

  • remove anxiety from their decision making
  • remove fear of ‘getting it wrong’ with resulting paralysis
  • ease anxiety over the responsibility for taking the next step in their business
  • improve relations and interaction with their colleagues
  • remove lack of confidence in their abilities and performance
  • result in better sleep and more positive mood
  • improve their health with less reliance on medication and alcohol

What I can offer you:

I specialise in Theta Healing, Homoeopathy, Kinesiology, Neuro Linguistic Programming. I diagnose and deal directly with the issues that sabotage your thinking and your life.

My desire is to enable people to remove blocks and become so well physically, mentally and emotionally, that they are able to make the most of their lives and their potential.

I work with people of all ages to unblock their pathways to a more successful life.  For example, I can help:

  • partners in organisations to improve performance
  • enable female executives to break through the ‘glass ceiling’
  • enable financial executives to better cope with the burden of responsibility
  • help executives transitioning within a company due to restructuring and to integrate the changes needed to transition well
  • help executives to break down the habit of procrastination and to promote clarity in decision making
  • rebuild confidence affected by redundancy and discover new pathways
  • support prosperity and help eliminate the reasons why we under perform and undervalue ourselves and remove the blocks we have to receiving what we need and what we are worth

Get in Touch!

I receive more and more enquiries from business managers and directors who wish to increase staff morale and productivity. In response to these enquiries I am now offering group sessions for businesses to help tackle the issues listed above.

The sessions will be tailored to meet the needs of your business and are offered at a competitive price.

For more information and to discuss how Theta Healing could help you or your organisation, please get in touch.

I’m Not Good Enough

So many of us are plagued with this belief and the anxiety it causes.

‘I’m not as good or as clever or as capable as………………….’

‘People think I know what I’m doing and I’m only a small step ahead of them’

‘It’s just a fluke I got to where I am. It’s just luck.’

‘I can’t allow anyone to see just how anxious I am or they’ll understand that really I’m not up to the job.’

I can’t allow anyone near me or they’ll find out I’m a fraud.

It’s surprising how many people who are at the top of their professions feel like this. You’d never guess – they keep it very well hidden.

If you were to ask someone else about that person they would probably tell you how great they are and what an inspiration they have been, and if you told that person they would be astonished.

Other people’s perception of us is often quite different to how we think we are. They might rate you for things you take for granted or as something that really isn’t important.  But to others it has been meaningful.

We are so busy being down on ourselves for what we think of as our faults and failures – that we just don’t get it that these things are not what we are valued for.  I have often told people how great they are at something only to have them shrug it off and dismiss it as unimportant compared to their faults.  They won’t receive it as the genuine compliment it was meant to be, and they don’t believe that what I am complimenting them about is worth complimenting.

Alternatively – there are many who are convinced they are a fraud and it’s only by a fluke that they’re in the position they’re in.  They won’t let anyone close in case they find out how anxious they are and how inferior they believe themselves to be. So no one can get near them and they come over as remote. Often they are so busy stopping anyone getting near that they can be aggressive.

In both cases they are their own worst enemies. The underlying belief is that if they criticise themselves first no one else will get the chance to do it. So they criticise themselves for all sorts of real and imagined faults. Of course – what you have yourself is what you notice in others. So others come in for lots of judgement too.

All of this comes from a lack of confidence in oneself and the anxiety that you are somehow wrong.  That your best efforts aren’t good enough and that you are going to be judged by others. So then that person thinks that they will feel a lot better if they are as near perfect as they can make themselves.  Anything less that perfection amounts to failure.  This is an impossible standard to live to and breeds even more anxiety. Then if the smallest thing goes wrong it’s a catastrophe.  Have you noticed how anxious some people get when things don’t go according to their very carefully laid plans?

With the anxiety that we’re not good enough – comes the conviction that we’ve done something wrong – and the most terrible feelings of guilt.

So much anxiety as a result of one negative belief.

And so many defence mechanisms to go with it – all of which breed more anxiety.

I have found in my Theta Healing practice how scarce genuine self confidence is.

A number of factors may have contributed to lack of confidence and poor self esteem, but these factors are rarely based on reality. However, whether it’s real or not, the belief is enough to overshadow a person’s life.

I have also seen this destructive belief changed very rapidly to a real knowledge and recognition for that person of their strengths, and a recognition and the ability to work through their weaknesses.

If you would like to learn more about Theta Healing and how it can help remove beliefs which don’t serve you:-

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