Wealth and Poverty

Do you feel that your best efforts don’t get rewarded as they should? You may be keeping yourself around survival level because wealthy people are meant to be bad. This video has helped one of my clients double her income in one year.

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Not enough of the good things in life

Not enough money. Not enough of the good things in life.

This module is about Poverty – the Fear of Poverty and the lack of opportunity.

When you don’t have enough it colours how you feel about who you are and what you deserve. Some respond to not having enough by pretending that there isn’t a problem and getting themselves into even worse financial trouble. Others respond by never indulging themselves in any way. This strategy blocks the energy which is trying to flow through each person and will stop anything new happening.

Of course poverty is not just about money. It is also about success, feelings of fulfilment, and respect. Some people feel there must be something wrong with them and that they must be failures. Others become bitter and angry that life is unfair.

If you are unable to create better circumstances for yourself despite your best efforts, it could be that you have deeply held beliefs about money that is blocking you from making what you need.

You would think that everyone would want to make enough to make themselves and their families comfortable. But the negativity runs deep. Once you clear the negativity – the energy that is constantly flowing your way is able to make a difference to your life. and your circumstances should start to change for the better.

A Theta practitioner will not alter the client’s beliefs in any way without permission from that person– and I’ve programmed in that if a person needs to hang on to any of their beliefs – then this will not be cleared until it is for their greatest and highest good.

This module also relates to the modules on Success and Failure and Power – so you may find that those modules will be useful to you as well.

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